All WVAC 2020 content is now available
to watch on demand!

WVAC 2020 may be over, but you can access all of the webinars broadcast live over the course of the festival as recordings! Not only that, you can also access even more CE/CPD content that we recorded
exclusively for WVAC.

There's over 100+ hours of CE/CPD content available for you to watch on demand, covering topics such as:

• Academic and Education • Aquaculture • Animal Welfare • Companion Animal • Dairy Cattle • Equine • Large Animal Technicians • Sheep, Beef Cattle and Deer • Veterinary Business • Veterinary Nursing - Companion Animal and Equine • Veterinary Public Health

Most of WVAC 2020 is RACE accredited too!

Want access to all of this? Buy your WVAC ticket below:

Catch up with all WVAC recorded content

Watch all of the recorded live lectures from the congress and all of our additional recorded content! There's over 100 hours of CE/CPD!

FREE: The Global One Health Summit

Catch up and watch the full event "Climate Change and its Future Impact on Disease Burdens, Food Security, and the Economy" here.

FREE: COVID-19 LIVE Panel Session

Catch up and watch the full event "COVID-19 LIVE Panel Session" here.

FREE: Welfare of Equine and Donkeys

Catch up and watch the full event "The Welfare of Equine and Donkeys" here.