WVAC 2020 FAQs

How will the event work?

The whole festival will be split between live and recorded webinars across 3 weeks. There will be two live webinars a day each weekday during the event, one in the morning and one in the evening and each Monday, we'll be releasing a fresh batch of recorded webinars for you to enjoy at your convenience.

Plus, we'll also be holding a number of weekend summits throughout the festival including the One Health Summit on the first weekend of the festival and the Equine Welfare Summit on the second.

What does my ticket include?

A WVAC 2020 ticket includes access to the entire 3-week festival, including access to the live and recorded webinars and each of the weekend summits. You can view the entire WVAC 2020 schedule here.

If you do not have a ticket, you can register for the One Health and Equine Welfare summits for free.

How do I join the live webinars?

The event's live broadcasts will be held using Zoom. If you don't have it installed already, don't worry, you'll be able to download it when you join your first webinar.

You will receive your links to join the webinars via email. You'll then also receive reminders throughout the entire festival so you don't need to go fishing in your inbox!

All emails will point you to which session you need to join and at what time - so you don't miss the content you want! Everything will come from team@thewebinarvet.com, so we'd recommend adding this address to your contacts so you don't miss anything.

If you miss a live webinar, don't worry! You'll be able to watch any of the live sessions as recordings for 6 months after the live event.

When will I receive my links to join the live webinars?

Ticket holders receive all of your links for the week ahead on a Sunday night (UK time). You'll also receive a link for each webinar 1 hour before it begins. Links to join the weekend summits will be sent 24 hours and 1 hour in advance.

The links in these emails are the only way you will be able to attend the sessions live, you will not be able to attend live sessions by heading to our website. These links are also unique to you and so cannot be shared with anyone else.

I've been told I have a gifted ticket from a colleague, but have received no confirmation email, what do I do?

If you have not received your login information, please email wvac@thewebinarvet.com from the email address associated with your gifted ticket (this will probably be your work email), along with the name and email address of the person who has gifted you the ticket.

This will enable us to confirm your ticket and provide you with your login password.

Where can I find access to WVAC 2020 on your website?

You will find the access point for WVAC 2020 under "Your Courses", located to the right of your CPD hours. This should take you to WVAC 2020 - Veterinary Professionals of the World Unite.

If the access point is not here please email wvac@thewebinarvet.com so we can fix this for you.

Can I watch any of the live sessions once they have finished?

Yes, all of the live sessions will be recorded and available to view on-demand. You can find these on the "catch-up" page, alternatively you can view all of the content on The Webinar Vet here: WVAC 2020 - Veterinary Professionals of the World Unite.

How long will the content be available for?

All of the sessions will be available to view on-demand until 25th October 2020.

I tried to play a webinar, but got a "no compatible media" message.

This happens when a video has not yet fully uploaded to the website. If you come back in an hour or two it should be available to watch.

Where do I find the certificates for the courses I have completed?

Your WVAC certificates will be available as of Tuesday 19th May.
Your CPD Record can be found in the drop-down menu under your profile picture on The Webinar Vet website.

If you still have questions which are unanswered here, please email wvac@thewebinarvet.com

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